President: Cooperate with the police, cease all social gatherings

President: Cooperate with the police, cease all social gatherings

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, on Sunday, urged the Maldivian people to cease all social gatherings and stay home, to ensure the success of Maldives Police’s efforts to protect local communities from the threat of COVID-19.

The President made the appeal in his address to the nation in commemoration of the 87th anniversary of Maldives Police Service.

The President said that the most fundamental charge of the Maldives Police Force had always been to ensuring the complete protection of every Maldivian citizen, and to serving each person with the utmost care and consideration.

He noted that the 87th anniversary of Maldives Police Service had coincided with a time where the tireless work and dedication of the police force was being illustrated as they stand on the frontlines of the national COVID-19 response efforts.

He commended the police force for shielding Maldivian communities by displaying their bravery and perseverance.

“This proves the police force will always be on the frontlines of every national crisis,” he said.

The safety and security in quarantine facilities, isolation facilities and resorts with suspected virus cases is maintained by the police. The police are also engaged in assisting Health Protection Agency conduct contact tracing.

Noting the risky nature of the work of the police, he commended the police for putting the safety and security of the public above all else.

The President also noted the emergence of new varieties of criminal activities amid the virus crisis, and the efforts of the police to prevent such crimes.

“Therefore, we all must acknowledge their work. And acknowledging their work means allowing them to succeed in their efforts and to stay home. To cease all public social gatherings,” he said.

He urged the public to adhere to the instructions of health professionals and stay home, so that the Maldivian people may overcome the current crisis and return to their normal lives all the more sooner.