Maldives increasing efforts to combat radicalism: Defence Minister

Maldives increasing efforts to combat radicalism: Defence Minister

Minister of Defence Mariya Ahmed Didi announced that Maldives recognises radicalism in any form as a major concern, and that preparation of its security services is underway for any potential dangers.

In an interview with Indian media outlet The Hindu, the minister stated that Maldives is working to increase the capability of its armed forces and other security agencies' preparation at an operational level to counter the threat poised by radicalism.

Additionally, she mentioned that the administration's efforts are underway to establish a program that will rehabilitate radicals and reintegrate them into society.

According to Defence Minister Mariya, the work includes increasing efforts to strengthen institutional capabilities and empowering society.

Furthermore, she stated that the radicalised locals that travel to partake in foreign wars leave the country under the pretence of visiting neighbouring countries, hence an official figure cannot be announced at the moment.

"National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) receives statistics through families that report that their relatives have departed for war".

According to the most recent statement by NCTC, 69 Maldivians have departed to partake in foreign wars, out of which some of them left with their spouses and children.