High Court upholds travel ban on VB Ali Shiyam

High Court upholds travel ban on VB Ali Shiyam

High Court on Sunday upheld the Criminal Court's order to impose a travel ban on Ali Shiyam (VB Ayya) in relation to the enforced disappearance of journalist Ali Rilwan.

As per the lower court's order, Shiyam's passport was seized from August 31 until the end of this month, over the terrorism accusations against him.

Shiyam appealed the travel ban at the High Court last September. However, all three judges on the appellate court bench unanimously decided to uphold the order, stating that there were no constitutional or legal grounds to overturn it.

In addition to Shiyam, travel bans were imposed on 15 individuals following the investigation into Rilwan's disappearance by the Presidential Commission on Investigation of Murders and Enforced Disappearances.

Shiyam was among the group that violently opposed the protest held at Artificial Beach on December 10, 2010, in which the demonstrators called for religious freedom in Maldives.

Furthermore, the presidential commission's report on the murder of lawmaker and religious scholar Dr Afrasheem Ali, revealed that Shiyam financed terrorist cells to send Maldivian insurgents to fight in foreign conflicts, as well as the perpetrators behind the murder of satirical blogger Yameen Rasheed.