Discussions held to combat and control drug addiction with Turkish Green Crescent Society

Discussions held to combat and control drug addiction with Turkish Green Crescent Society

Discussions have been held to combat and control the community from falling into drug addiction, with the Turkish Green Crescent Society.

This was done at the President’s Office on Monday, where Vice President Faisal Naseem met with the management of the society, known to be one of the oldest and most established institutions combating addictions in the world.

VP Naseem and top officials of the society discussed on the challenges faced due to the prevalence of tobacco use, drug abuse and several other addictions in the Maldivian community.

Inquiring the society on ways it can support Maldives to control tobacco, combat drug abuse and prevent addictions, VP Naseem stressed on the important the government give to rehabilitation procedures.

The Turkish Green Crescent Society filled the VP in on its work to prevent children from going down the path of picking up smoking and substance abuse and shared details of programmes they carry out to prevent drug usage and tobacco cessation in the region.

The President’s Office revealed that the government prioritizes preventing the use, peddling and trafficking of drugs and treatment as well as rehabilitation of drug-dependent persons to facilitate their reintegration back into the society.

As such, the administration implements strict measured to control tobacco growth, its advertisement and trafficking, as well as preventing non-tobacco users from second-hand smoke by prohibiting smoking in public spaces, workplaces and public transport vehicles, local restaurants and cafés.

Minister of Home Affairs Imran Abdulla was also in attendance at the meeting.

Established in 1920, the Turkish Green Crescent Society currently has over 64 branches, 80 representative agencies and 30,000 members. The independent NGO works for the protection of the young community from alcohol, drugs, tobacco and technology addictions.