Virtual Maldives travel market focuses on recovery

Virtual Maldives travel market focuses on recovery

The first virtual B2B exhibition on the Travel and Tourism industry in the Maldives -- International Maldives Travel Market (IMTM) 2020 -- will open tomorrow.


The two-day fair (lasting till November 17) will take place on IMTMair, a brand new platform, which will allow all the participants of the event to interact and connect. 


International buyers (tour operators, travel agents, destination management companies

and PR companies) and local accommodation providers (resorts, hotels, guesthouses, liveaboards, dive centers, local tour operators and travel agents) will be able to use this platform to hold meetings with each other, to conduct business. 


This will help all participants to steadily recover their business operations from the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, said a statement.


IMTMair provides a variety of useful features for convenience and ease of navigation, as well as for promotions of each business.


Each participating company is provided with a virtual booth to customise, upload welcome videos, add products, brochures, and contact details to advertise their business to any interested parties.


Participants can send connection requests and build business relationships to conduct meetings with each other in the future.


The main feature of the platform is the Exhibition Hall, which allows interaction between participants. Each company is provided with a virtual table, where any interested parties may sit to join the conversation, through chat, video or audio call of their preference. 

Speed Networking will also allow attendees to engage in friendly networking discussions on any topic they wish.


To maintain and continue these connections and business relationships made by attendees during the event, a registration fee of $56 per single-user login and $112 for multi-user login, will provide access throughout the year to IMTMair. This platform will allow participants to remain connected with these businesses, providing a source of communication solely for that purpose.


IMTM strives to contribute to the steady recovery in tourism in the Maldives, by providing not only luxury resorts and hotels, but other local accommodation providers the opportunity to increase competitiveness in the market. Higher growth in businesses such as liveaboards and guest houses will provide more variety in choice, budget and experiences for tourists vacationing in the Maldives, it said. 


IMTM aims to aid the government's objective to boost the local community through the

ongoing success in Maldives’ tourism, through rural tourism development, a worldwide movement of 2020, it added.