VP kicks off 'Hunaruveni 2019’ craftsmanship showcase

VP kicks off 'Hunaruveni 2019’ craftsmanship showcase

Vice President Faisal Naseem, on Sunday, inaugurated 'Hunaruveni 2019' at Dharubaaruge convention centre, in capital city Male'.

Organized by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVET), the event aims to showcase vocational talents and craftsmanship of Maldivians.

During the ceremony, the Vice President stated that the artisans participating in the exhibition possess the capacity to provide significant contributions to the development of the country.

Moreover, he stressed the importance of all forms of craftsmanship, noting that all aptitudes and professions are equally important to achieving national progress

Urging parents to support their children in exploring different vocations, VP Naseem said that "developing our youth is necessary to develop our nation. This development should begin from the earliest days of childhood education because a well-rounded curriculum involves more than scoring high on exam papers".

The Vice President also asserted that ‘Hunaruveni 2019’, loosely translating to 'Talented', will be a stepping stone for countless youths in their search for a fulfilling career.