Thinadhoo tidal flooding submitted to Parliament

Thinadhoo tidal flooding submitted to Parliament

An emergency matter has been submitted to the Parliament over tidal waves that affect the island of G. Dh. Thinadhoo.

The matter was submitted to the Parliament by MP Abdulla Saneef, after the island was affected by tidal waves in the last two days and sustained heavy damage. MP Saneef said several islands of the atoll were affected by tidal waves.

The issue has not been resolved despite the island being affected by around six times every year, said MP Saneef.

“This is very dangerous to the almost 12,000 residents of the island and the 1,500 people from the different islands of the atoll who come to the island if the matter is not resolved permanently.” Said the MP.

Areas closer to Male’ City are also being affected by tidal waves and storm surges. Most islands are experiencing levels of tidal waves seen on an unprecedented level.