President Solih ratifies Presidential Commissions Bill

President Solih ratifies Presidential Commissions Bill

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih ratified the Presidential Commissions Bill on Monday.

The ratification of the bill grants legal authority to the Commission on Corruption and Asset Recovery as well as the Commission on Investigation of Murders and Enforced Disappearances.

The two presidential commissions, formed in November 2018, are now authorized to make formal accusations against institutions or individuals culpable in cases of corruption or murder.

President Solih created the commissions to recover missing state funds and uncover the truth regarding two high-profile murders and the abduction of a journalist, thereby fulfilling key government pledges.

The recently sworn in parliament unanimously passed the bill on June 19.

A vote on the bill was scheduled thrice during the previous parliament but failed to gain traction, with some MPs claiming that the bill contradicted the constitution.

Differences in opinion regarding the bill existed within the ruling coalition parties as well.