Police: Situation may warrant the cease of delivery operations

Police: Situation may warrant the cease of delivery operations

Police have warned that the situation of COVID-19 in the country may result in the need for changes that may put a halt on delivery services.

Speaking in a press conference tonight, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ismail Naveen stated that such a move would mean that people will have to rely on permits issued for essential purposes to go outdoors for shopping.

Assistant Commissioner Naveen stated that Police were taking special measures over the rise of infected cases of CVODI-19 among the migrant population in the Maldives.

He added that 18 locations that house around 800 migrants were being monitored by the authorities. He noted that migrant workers were most involved in delivery works and usually live in overcrowded situations with a number of others due to their dire situation.

“So, we might have to decide on another method by scaling down the delivery services. So that shopping is conducted only when a shopping permit is received, and the individual can go out.” Said Naveen who added that the move would be decided after considering the situation.

Police would not be hesitant in taking steps to ensure the safety of citizens, said Naveen, NEOC medical officer, Dr. Ibrahim Afzal also stressed on the importance of delivery workers taking the appropriate safety measures.