Police to investigate BML Deputy CEO over false information

Police to investigate BML Deputy CEO over false information

Parliamentary Committee on Public Finance on Sunday announced the submission of a case to Maldives Police Service against the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Maldives (BML) Mohamed Shareef over allegedly providing false information to the Committee.

Fathimath Niusha, Secretary-General of Parliament, declared it mandatory to investigate into the false information provided by Shareef. However, no details about the information nor the case were disclosed.

Top officials of BML were summoned to the Public Finance Committee on Sunday for questioning over the MVR 1.3 billion siphoned in the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) graft scandal.

Shareef repeatedly articulated in the Committee inquiry that BML was not complicit to the corruption scandal in any way. He maintained that the bank's conduct was in accordance with the constitution, regulations and bank procedures.

Purportedly, not all members of the Committee were in agreement over the bank's claim of not being complicit in the corruption scandal, maintaining their confidence of BML's involvement.

According to Committee members, BML should take responsibility for failure to cease the cheques drawn from embezzled funds deposited by SOF Pvt Ltd, a company closely acquainted with former vice president Ahmed Adeeb.

While the case was submitted to the Police against BML Deputy CEO, Former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed had previously affirmed that investigations will take place and measures will be taken against those in leadership roles in the administration or from independent institutions, for providing false information to the Parliament.

Nasheed further declared that certain people speak in an obscure or vague manner while summoned to Parliamentary committees and that Chairs of committees had lodged a complaint to resolve the matter.