Former S. African Justice Kriegler meets High Court judges

Former S. African Justice Kriegler meets High Court judges

South Africa's retired Justice Johann Kriegler, who was appointed by the Attorney General's Office to conduct an independent assessment of the Maldivian judiciary, met the judges of High Court on Tuesday.

The High Court disclosed that the meeting was attended by Chief Justice Shujau Usman, Judge Mohamed Faisal and Judge Mohamed Niyaz. Kriegler also visited the courtroom following the meeting.

In order to collect information for research purposes, Kriegler is scheduled to meet governmental administrative departments, judicial and other relevant state institutions, civic organizations and experts in the field.

Following a previous meeting with Kriegler, the Supreme Court issued a critical statement claiming that he spoke of a plan to dismiss judges and suggested that they resign before being sacked in a demeaning way.

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath countered the apex court, strongly emphasizing the importance of judicial reform.

Kriegler's assessment includes analysing current laws and policies, drafting revisions to restructure the judicature, evaluating the process of judicial appointments, and exploring possibilities to revise the procedure of taking disciplinary action in cases of misconduct.

The former justice was allocated a deadline for August 29 to present his findings and recommendations to the AG Office.

Kriegler served thrice as Chairman and Secretary of the Johannesburg Bar Council and as Secretary of the General Council of the Bar of South Africa.

Between 1990 and 1993, he was an acting judge in the Appellate Division, then the apex court of South Africa. He was permanently appointed to its bench in 1993.

Additionally, he is a founding Chairman of Lawyers for Human Rights.

In 1994, he was appointed founding justice of the newly formed Constitutional Court of South Africa and completed his term in 2002.