Finance Ministry initiates effort to review Public Finance Act

Finance Ministry initiates effort to review Public Finance Act

The Ministry of Finance, on Tuesday, commenced work to review the Public Finance Act in collaboration with Attorney General's Office, Auditor General's Office and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

Following a meeting between Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer, Auditor General Hassan Ziyath, Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath and ACC Vice President Fathmath Anoola on Monday, the four institutions decided to form a committee to head the endeavour.

As per the finance ministry, efforts to review the Public Finance Act will be conducted with consideration to concerns highlighted in the reports compiled by the Auditor General's Office, findings from ACC's investigations along with recommendations delivered by the Attorney General's Office, in order to maximise the efficiency of state functions.

The third amendment to the Public Finance Act was finalised with input from various state institutions and published on the national gazette on July 4.

Recently, audit reports compiled on the COVID-19 expenditure of state institutions revealed major violations of the Public Finance Act by the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Health, sparking public outrage and official investigations.

At present, ACC is probing the issues highlighted in the tourism ministry's audit report, as well as conducting a joint investigation with Maldives Police Service into the health ministry's expenditures.