COVID-19: Over 400 contacts of infected patients identified

COVID-19: Over 400 contacts of infected patients identified

Authorities have revealed that over 400 direct contacts of COVID-19 patients identified on Monday have been traced.

With 17 newly registered cases in capital Male', the Maldives recorded its highest number of positive cases on Sunday. 14 cases are of Bangladeshi nationals, out of which one had presented himself to the flu clinic with symptoms, and is not known to be linked to any existing cluster. The man had been staying at a government facilitated labour quarter at Ameen Hiyaa. While 4 people stay with him, information on 200 other individuals are being sought, said the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

The remaining 13 Bangladeshi nationals -all employees at wholesale business Lily Store- are from another cluster linked to a 37 year old local woman. 68 contacts linked to the patients have been identified, said the authorities.

The two Indian nationals, both AC repair technicians at Bright Brothers company, are believed to be from a new cluster. 50 people who came in contact with them have been identified, said HPA.

The latest case announced was of an individual who traveled on a boat to Uligan island in Ha. atoll. While the boat had made several stops at various islands in Ha. and HDh. atolls, the islands have been placed on monitoring status. 130 contacts of the patient have been identified thus far.

National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC)'s Spokesperson Mabrook Azeez said samples have been taken from 242 contacts of the infected patients. 133 places have been placed on monitoring status, said Maabrook.

While the index case of local transmissions has not been identified thus far, health officials believe the current cases stem from four different clusters. Authorities continue to conduct extensive contact tracing.