COVID-19: Education Ministry prepares school response plan

COVID-19: Education Ministry prepares school response plan

Education Ministry has prepared and publicized an Education Response Plan (ERP) collaboratively with UNICEF.

According to the Education Ministry, the ERP was prepared in response to COVID-19 to assist in the education of needy children.

The plan was compiled in focusing on five main areas:
• Safety of the school environment
• Continuous teaching
• Assisting marginalised children
• Health and safety
• Building resilience to face threats and enhance works carried out with various sectors.

The plan will be implemented in three phases. Prior to opening the schools, the five key areas will be reviewed. During the second phase, the reopening of schools under the first phase will be reviewed and the third phase will be implemented after schools are reopened.

An official of the Education Ministry said the extent of implementation and its success will be monitored.

Education Ministry is preparing to reopen schools in July 1 for grade 1 and above in the islands that are unaffected by COVID-19. In the capital Male’ region, only classes for grade 9 and above will resume in July.