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Breaking News: The MD of STO Singapore Pvt Ltd dismissed

22nd August 2011, Male’,

The Managing Director of STO Singapore Pvt Ltd Mr. Ahmed Muneez has been dismissed from his job today. He has been removed from the post of MD of STO Singapore and Board Member of maldives National Oil Company. The news has been confirmed by the Managing Director of STO Mr. Shahid Ali.

Muneez was appointed during the previous government. Our sources has confirmed the reason for his dismissal is to appoint hardcore MDP activist to the post. It is likely that Abdulla Saeed who has been given a safe passage following cyber sex scandal while he was serving as the cabinet secretary be appointed to this post.

Dead body of the missing Japanese couple found washed to the beach

21st August 2011, Male’,

The dead body of the wife was found washed to the beach of Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi.  The Japanes honeymoon couple who went missing in the water bungalows day before yesterday were found on the beach facing the water bungalows. The police and island staff searched for the missing couples.

The husband is yet to be found. Its unclear the cause the death yet. Circumstances of this nature are extremely rare in Maldives where the backbone of the economy is tourism.

MDP President Dr. Didi criticizes President Nasheed

22nd August 2011, Male’,

Our sources within MDP has confirmed that the president of MDP Dr. Ibrahim Didi is extremely upset with President Nasheed for having met with the opposition leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali with out consulting him and MDP national council. A source close to Didi confirmed that Didi criticized Nasheed for lack of consultation and being too selfish.

The meeting between the two was held at president’s office lastnight. The meeting was regarding the new tax bills submitted to the parliament.

Maldives Tourism Minister warns tourists to refrain staying in water bungalows

20th August 2011, Male’,

Does Minister Zulfa know what she is talking about?

Minister Mariyam Zulfa on the right with MP Rugiyya

The Tourism Minister of Maldives Dr. Mariyam Zulfa has said that she believes water bungalows built in Maldivian resorts lacks necessary safety standards. While speaking to news following the mysterious missing of a Japanese couple holidaying in a water bungalow at Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi, in North Male’ Atoll. Minister Zulfa also tells the press that she thinks there are design flaws in water bungalows in Maldives. Challenging Zulfa a resort owner said for gods sake Zulfa these water bungalows are design by world renowned architects.

Many tourism industry oligarchs was taken by surprise when Minister Zulfa said that there is noway that resort management can be informed if there is a fire incident in a water bungalow. A resort owner who wants to be unanimous said that she she should his property and many other similar properties which has fire extinguishers and fire alarm systems. If there is a fire any any room the system buzz off and the whole island will be alerted. So her understanding of Maldivian resorts his pathetic according to the resort owner.

She further went onto expose her foolishness by saying that steps of water bungalows leading to the lagoon is slippery. There are ample instructions and warning signs that say steps are slippery and to be careful. How can one expect wooden steps not to be slippery as they continuously exposed to water. A rational room boy said that they clean it often and ample warning signs are placed and guests are informed accordingly.

Minister Zulfa went on to say that the two Japanese couple might have slipped into the lagoon from the water bungalow steps and gone missing. How can a Minister say something like this while the case is being investigated by the police according to senior management person of Adaaran Group.

Who approves the standards?

Water Bungalows at Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi

Water bungalows and other structures erected in any resort is thoroughly analyzed and permission given by the Ministry of Tourism which is headed by noone else but Minister Zulfa. So is she in the right mind when she said something like this. In addition to permission Ministry of Tourism inspects the building once it is completed, based on the report of the inspection team an operating licence is awarded to the resort management.

The question is how much privacy can you limit to paveway for safety?

Minister should have asked this questions according to Marketing Manager of a nearby resort. How much privacy can you limit to allow for safety concerns. Ofcourse safety is important. But tourists come here for privacy. They dont want someone to knock on their door every hour. Its a unique selling point for Maldives. So having a watch tower in every resort like giant mountain is something that tourists will not like. That is the reason why many resorts refused to build such a structure. Minister Zulfa should understand that she is a immature hen and still needs time before she can go incubation.

What kind of impact will this have on the Maldives as a whole?

Minister Zulfa’ statement will do nothing but bring discredit to the Maldives. It will create nothing but fear among the best selling rooms categories in Maldivian resorts. Japanese are number one market for water bungalows according statistics. How can Minister of Tourism be so brainless and keep on saying statements that will tarnish the good image of Maldives tourism and decline investor confidence. Minister should have said that her government has set free more than 400 hardcore criminals with records of murder and gang

Water Bungalows in Maldives are popular among tourists

violence. Isn’t it possible that one of these criminals robbed these two Japanese tourists. Well that possible as we witnessed armed gangs gatecrashing to luxury Baros Island Resort in Maldives earlier this year.

Breaking News: Two inhouse guests gone missing in a Maldivian resort

18th August 2011, Male’,

Two inhouse guests at Adaaran Hudhuranfushi gone missing after they left the room for dinner on Wednesday night. The case has been reported to Maldives Police and search and rescue within the island is underway. So far we have discovered any clues of missing two guests. Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi is only 83 acres not a big island like many Maldivian resorts.

Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi

Formerly known as Lohifushi Islands Resort now managed by Sri Lankan Adaaran group has four resorts in Maldives. They include Adaaran Club Rannalhi, Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, Adaaran Select Meedhupparu. In their website the islands is described as Experience a holiday in the tropics beyond compare at Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi. Blessed with thriving vegetation and pristine waters, the Island of White Gold finds itself in peaceful seclusion in the North Male Atoll. Discover a paradise hidden away in plain sight where the sun rises painting the skies in rich orange hues and the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean caress the shore with grace. The islands has one of the best surfing spots in the Maldives

Fatalities and missing tourists are not a common phenomenon in the Maldivian tourism industry. Maldives is a top destination for honeymooners, divers and celebrities. Recently the Maldivian government setfree hundreds of jailbirds who were sentenced for life on drug cases, murder and other crimes.

Adaaran previously known as Lohifushi

more updates coming soon.

Breaking News: Jumhooree Party MP resigns

16th August 2011, Male’,

The MP of Jumhooree Party Muththalib has resigned. Muththalib got elected as an independent MP and joined Jumhoree Party November 2010. The reason for his resignation was lack of consultation within Jumhooree Party and JP President Qasim Ibrahim’s decision to vote for two Cabinet Ministers yesterday.

Speaking to, Muththalib said that how can Qasim and other opposition MPs speak against the two ministers during debate at the parliament floor and when its comes to voting press the yes button. There is no sincerity according to MP Muththalib.

Breaking News: Parliament approves Dr. Didi and Thalhath

15th August 2011, Male’,

The parliament of Maldives has given consent to Fisheries Minister Dr. Didi and Defense Minister Mr. Thalhath. Dr. Didi was rejected by parliament few months back.

Its unclear the sudden change of Parliaments view towards Dr. Didi.

A Maldivian Policeman found positive for drugs while on duty

15th August 2011, Male’,

Rishwan Deputy Commissioner recently resigned

A Maldivian police officer on duty at Maafannu Police station was found positive for drugs. The officer was on duty when he was suspected of substance abuse. A drug test proved that he was under drugs. The officer has been detained. But the police didnt reveal the news.

Its alarming and it shows the magnitude of drug issues in Maldives. It a shame the very people who has to implement the rules and regulations are breaking it.

The government of Nasheed consists of many drug addicts and high profile gang members and racketeers.

Son of resort boss ‘drove newlyweds’

10th August 2011, Male’,, source:

Emma and Jonathan Killed in Kuredu incident

POLICE in the Maldives have identified the driver of the quad bike that killed Halifax honeymooners Jonathan and Emma Gray.

He has been named as Swedish national Filip Eugen Petre, 23, who is the son of a shareholder of the company which operates the Kuredu Island Resort where the 25-year-old couple tragically died last weekend.

Police said he was employed by the company as a guest relations officer trainee.

He is understood to be still in hospital receiving treatment for injuries.

The Grays, of Heath Lea, Halifax, had been passengers on the quad bike – identified as a King Quad 700 by police – when it crashed into a tree at 4am on Saturday, Maldives time.

They had only married a week earlier at St Bartholomew’s Church in Ripponden and leave behind a six-month-old baby boy Jake.

In a statement released today, a spokesman for the Maldives police said: “Investigation into the incident has so far revealed that the accident occurred while the three were riding a four-wheel vehicle – a King Quad 700 – and crashed into a tree in the middle of the path.

“Upon hearing of the accident the island doctor went to the scene of the accident and attempted to treat the victims, but told police that there was no sign of life from the two English tourists.”

The Bishop of Wakefield, the Rt Rev Stephen Platten, joined the many paying tribute to the much-loved couple.

Heartfelt comments have been posted on the Courier website from friends and strangers touched by the tragic news.

British couple die in suspected accident in Kuredu Island Resort in Maldives

6th August 2011, Male’,

Emma Gray British honeymoon couple who died

A young British couple on their honeymooon in Kuredu Island Resort located Lhaviyani Atoll in Maldives found dead early this morning.

The resort management informed police about the accident at around 4:15am.

Sources in Kuredu told that the couple, believed to be 23 years old, began their honeymoon at the resort on Thursday.

We are unable to obtain their identities and police said the information was “not being revealed until police have spoken to their families.”

A third individual, also a foreigner, believed to be injured in the incident, has been hospitalised. Police did not say if the man was a tourist or a resort employee.

We understands that the British man died at the scene of the incident while his wife died later in the morning as she was about to be ferried to the nearby island of Naifaru for treatment. “The police are currently conducting a full inquiry into the deaths and will release further details in due course,” a police statement read.

During October of last year the body of a British landlady was found washed up on a beach in the same resort. Sharon Duval, 42 was with husband Nick when she died. The couple runs The Highwayman pub in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

Jonathan and Emma gray left behind son 6 months old