Mega Protests to occur all across Maldives tomorrow

22nd December 2011, Male’,

Maldivians in defence of islam on 23 December

The Maldives citizens are to hold mega protests all across the Maldives against lack of ethics and anti- islamic practices by the senior members of MDP lead government including President Mr. Mohamed Nasheed. The largest such protest are to be held in the capital Male’ near tsunami monument/tetra pod area at 4pm. Its is estimated that thousands of people will gather in protecting the years of Islamic history in Maldives. Maldives has remained a 100 percent moderate Muslim nation for centuries.

The protests are organized by all the opposition parties and some civil associations. It includes Adaalath Party, Madhanee Itihad (group of civil associations), Jumhooree Party, Dhivehi Qaumee Party, Progressive Party of Maldives and the main opposition party Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party(DRP).

When the ruling MDP decided to stand against the opposition protestors in a MDP council some of its council members defected and talked against it. Some of the MDP parliamentarians and ordinary memebers have started signing a petition condemning the decision of MDP to confront opposition protest.

23 December maga protest in Maldives

While opposition is ready for the mega protest in defence of Islam progovernment propaganda machine MNBC has busy inciting fear and intimidation. Male’ City council today issued an announcement which contradicts the constitutional right to freedom of expression and right to assembly.

The opposition suspects that MDP headed by President Mr. Mohamed Nasheed is trying to sell off the nations and introduction foreign elements in Maldives and runaway from the nation.

The Maldives heroes in the past has proved that Maldives will remain independent and its culture, religion traditions will be preserved at any cost. Dhonbadaarain, Mohamed Thakurufaanu has proved it.


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