Male’ city council ashames the people of Male’

13th July 2011, Male’,

Male city council meeting on the road

Male’ the capital of Maldives is known to be the most civilized of all Maldivian. Its the most developed island in the Maldives both in terms of infrastructure and economically. The people of capital Male’ is ashamed today because the brainless city councilors they elected are having a mockery meeting infront of the parliament on a red carpet. They are the people who are suppose to uphold the rules and regulations. If they have illegally block the roads and have meetings there who are going to obey the rules.

This is clear violation of rights of the people of Male’ and its residents. The people of Male’ are surely ashamed of their city councilors Sarangu Adam Manik, Maizan Alibe, Maakun Falaah, Janbu Afeef, Shamah, Loopey. These jokers are sitting infront of Peoples Majlis on a red carpet. One onlooker said that he dont understand why police cant control and use force to remove these illegal gatherings.

Shamelessly the city council have forced their administrative staff also to join the meeting on a main road. Its a shame to the entire nation. Is this the democracy MDP wants to bring to Maldives.

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