Russian ballet star Ms. Anastasia Volochkova, nude on a Maldives beach

17th January 2010, Male’, has received credible information that Russian ex-Bolshoi Theater ballet star Anastasia Volochkova has spent her holiday in the Island Hideaway Resort in Maldives. The star posted her nude pictures taken while on vacation in Maldives. The pictures posted to her personal blog.

Anastasia Volochkova in Moscow

Maldives known for her beautiful beaches and world class resorts are in hot list of world class celebrities. The industry also contributes over 40% to countries GDP and bulk of the employment is in this sector. The failed policies of current government may pave off Maldives from celebrities hot list and tourism policy of this government is vague and lacks clear focus and direction.

Anastasia is in Maldives few after Football Superstar Christiano Ronaldo spent his vacation in Maldives with his Russian girl friend Irina Shaykhlislamova on December 24th at the luxurious Rania Experience.

Nudity in Maldives is prohibited. Tourists who come to Maldives has to follow Maldivian customs and rules. When visiting local islands tourists have to cover up. Anastasia case might cause her to pay fine or warning from Maldivian government authorities.

On Tuesday 14th January, Volochkova posted nude photos on her blog addressed: “To those who like it hot!” “Dear paparazzi, just for you! You’re hunting for us, stars, trying to take pictures of our pants, and even better to catch us without them. As if we have something others do not. NU, look!” reads the blog.

Maldiviana tour operator Lyudmila Mostovaya said it was not clear yet what type of punishment could be given to Volochkova, who is still vacationing in the Maldives. Tez Tour director Alexander Burtin suggested she would get off with a warning.

Maldivian Beaches

This glorified piece of coral surrounded by the Indian Ocean has in recent years seen a rise in tourism and several new resorts, but it’s still one of the best places to get away from it all. Strewn with white sands and colorful flowers, this lush paradise is unparalleled for sun-seeking as well as scuba diving and snorkeling. Think thatched roofs on stilt-borne villas rising out of tropical lagoon waters: If that’s not a recipe for sexiness, we don’t know what is. as described by bing travel on worlds sexiest beaches.

Anastasia Volochkova

Volochkova was born into a middle class family in Saint Petersburg. Her father was a table tennis champion and coach, and her mother was a tour guide. Volochkova has been married once, and she has a daughter, Ariadna, born in 2005. Volochkova performed in productions of Giselle, La Bayadère, Raymonda, Russian Hamlet, Swan Lake and The Sleeping Beauty, touring throughout Europe. Volochkova became one of the most famous celebrities in Russia, and has since been featured in newspapers, magazines and TV shows, such as Ice Age, on a regular basis. Her pictures taken in Maldives has become media hot topics. team would like to request all celebrities visiting Maldives to respect the law of the land.

The content may carry adult material. is unable to show here some of Anastasia’s pictures due

Anastasia working out in Maldives resort

Anastasia Volochkova happy to be with the little one in Maldives

Anastasia near the swimming pool

Anastasia Volochkova - Red and Green was her theme of dress during her stay in Maldives

Before departure to Maldives

Anastasia Volochkova with her family in Maldives

Anastasia Volochkova her perfect companion to its adult nature.

Anastasia Volochkova in Maldives

Anastasia Volochkova showing off her ballet skills in the white sandy beaches of Maldives

Anastasia spent her time with the little on in Maldives

Anastasia Volochkova perfect Pause

Anastasia Volochkova showing off her little bit too much in Maldives

Anastasia Volochkova beach pause

Anastasia Volochkova really excited to be in Maldives

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