President Waheed assures government does not interfere with judiciary

12th Fenbruary 2013, Male’,
President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said his government does not interfere and influence the country’s judiciary. In an interview to the local TV station, DhiTV’s weekly programme Hukurudhuvas Masuoodha Eku (“Friday with Masuood”), the President said he considered state officials with constitutional mandates to be professionals and would accept their decisions [...]


18th August 2012, Male’,
As stipulated in Article 238 of the Constitution, the (National) Security Services are required to perform their duties as well as conduct all their activities in accordance with the Constitution  and the Laws of the Republic of Maldives, in a manner that will make the Security Service personnel answerable or accountable [...]

The National Inquiry: a process not just an event

18th August 2012, Male’,
By: Dr.Hassan Saeed (Article from Haveeru News)
Whilst our own period of reflection comes to an end shortly, we will all then await with interest the results of the reflection on the events of earlier this year conducted by the Commission of National Inquiry (CoNI).

The consideration of those events did not just [...]

Revenue figures reveal economic impact of change in lease extension policy

18th August 2012, Male’,
By Daniel Bosley
The Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) released figures earlier this week showing the extent to which the change in island lease payments has affected the Maldivian economy.
According to MIRA’s figures, the total revenue projected for March was Rf1044 million [US$ 68 million], but had received 37.9 percent lower than the projected [...]

Tourism assessment of the Indian Ocean region

18th August 2012, Male’,
(eTN) – Much is being discussed on an ongoing basis on the state of tourism in the world and this also covers the Indian Ocean region. The yield from tourism, the offers launched to attract tourists, visitor arrival numbers, and comments posted by respective tourism trade members are constantly being monitored [...]

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